Sage-ing With Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude

SAGE-ING with Creative Spirit, Grace & Gratitude  ||  The Journal of Creative Aging

with Creative Spirit, Grace & Gratitude Sage-ing With Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude

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Who We Are

Ruth BieberSage-ing Ruth Bieber ||  Ruth holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of Calgary, with a specialization in Rehabilitation. Working with clients with multiple disabilities, Ruth discovered more effective therapeutic modalities. She shifted from traditional, verbal approaches to the power offered by the arts. In 1991, she founded InsideOut Theatre, a reflection of her own evolution from the therapeutic arts to the power of performance for people with a wide range of mixed abilities. Currently she is publishing a book about her experience as the blind Artistic Director of InsideOut Theatre and has begun to paint. Since her move to Kelowna in 2010, Ruth has added painting to her creative repertoire.

Karen CloseSage-ing Karen Close ||  Karen holds a BA and BEd with specialist certification in the visual arts. She is a grandmother, a painter, author of two books, and an ardent arts advocate. Teaching English and Visual Arts for 30 years seeded her appreciation for the healing benefits of creative expression as the vehicle for discovering and sharing who we are. In 2010 Karen received federal funding from New Horizon's For Seniors to begin the program Sage-ing With Creative Spirit in Kelowna.

Carolyn CowanSage-ing Carolyn Cowan ||  For the duration of her working life, Carolyn was involved in business administration in its myriad forms. Her left brain got a full workout. Her right brain begged for equal time. Her only artistic outlet throughout life was writing. Still, it was not enough to balance the detail and analysis demanded by her work. Just over two years ago, she retired and moved to Kelowna, B.C. What a different 2,500 kilometres and freedom from, figuratively, a 9:00 to 5:00 job makes. In Kelowna, she is surrounded by beauty and determined to explore and express her creativity. She writes poetry and paints, often combining them on the same canvas.

Robert MacDonaldSage-ing Robert MacDonald ||  A typographer by trade, Robert MacDonald has substantial practical, hands-on experience in graphic and typographic design for print and interactive media, editorial development, advertising creative, copywriting, consumer and professional marketing, and business development. He has consulted at a senior level, and provided creative and management services, to museums and art galleries, government departments, education institutions, public service organizations and associations, publishing media and software companies, and enterprises in the travel, product distribution, packaged goods, professional services, software and technology sectors. He is an active community volunteer, and has served as a board member of the Central Okanagan Hospice Association, Vision North Okanagan, Okanagan Network for the Environment, Okanagan Media Alliance and Society for Learning in Retirement. He is the Publisher in Residence at Okanagan College, and is the founding director of the Okanagan Institute and the CoCo Laboratory.